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Larry Brey is a Campus Pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. Larry was a part of the original group that started Elevation Church over 10 years ago and has held nine different job titles since then. In this episode, he shares principles to learn from Elevation’s practices and what he’s learned through the years. He covers identifying leaders, getting more volunteers, building culture, and more.

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Insights From This Episode

  • The field for leaders is your volunteer culture.

When it comes to building up leaders, learn to choose people who are able to demonstrate certain traits. Larry looks for passion, teachability, and the capacity to speak into other people’s lives.

  • Don’t build a leadership structure that’s devoid of your pastor’s heart.

What are the traits and values the pastor exhibits that you need to reproduce in your culture? Larry calls that the “secret sauce.”

Quotes From This Episode

  • One-sided honor really isn’t honor. I can’t honor higher up than how far I honor down. [Click to tweet]
  • A healthy culture honors the guests and honors the pastor because I’m honoring all around me – those above me, those alongside me, those entrusted to my care. [Click to tweet]
  • The goal of a leader is, after a few years of being under their leadership, that person got better as child of God, parent, and employee. The biggest mistake is putting people in place who can’t do that. [Click to tweet]

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