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In this episode, we hear from Tony Morgan in a rich discussion on how to clear barriers that will help your church get past stuck and on to growing. Tony Morgan is the Founder and Lead Strategist of The Unstuck Group. He’s been on leadership across several different churches and has written for the Willow Creek Association, Catalyst, and Pastors.com.

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Resources Mentioned 

  1. Website: The Unstuck Group
  2. eBook: Vital Signs by Tony Morgan (includes a PDF to measure your church health).
  3. Book: The Unstuck Book by Tony Morgan (includes a free church assessment).


Takeaways From This Episode 

  1. You need a vision AND a strategy for your church.

Ask yourself and your church these 3 questions: Why do we exist? Where are we going? And how are we going to get there? The answers to these questions will be your mission, vision, and strategy. You need all three of these to keep your church on the path to growth. If you already have a vision, that’s a great first step, but your church needs to know HOW you’re going to get there. Clarity is key here.


  1. Once you have your vision and strategy, you need to measure if it’s working.

There is much more to church health than just one metric. While church attendance is important and you want to make sure new people are walking through your doors to hear the message of the gospel, there are many other factors to look at. There are baptisms, salvation conversations, giving, involvement in groups, number of volunteers, etc. Take a look at these things and ask: are we fulfilling God’s mission for our church? If not, it is time to tweak your strategy.


Quotes From This Episode 

  • Lack of clarity for where the church is going can be a huge growth barrier for churches. [Click to tweet]
  • You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. [Click to tweet]
  • When your vision is a God vision, it’s going to BOTH attract and repel people. [Click to tweet]
  • There is much more to measuring church health than attendance numbers. [Click to tweet]
  • As churches, we are responsible for our congregation’s spiritual growth. There needs to be a plan for that. [Click to tweet]
  • When your church is healthy, you will naturally reach more people. [Click to tweet]


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