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In this episode, we hear from many leaders like Justin Lathrop and Scott Williams in a rich discussion on how to develop leaders within your church. Justin Lathrop is the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Southeastern University. He lives with his wife and children in West Palm Beach, FL, where his wife serves as executive director of ministries for Christ Fellowship. Scott Williams is an author, speaker, strategist, and international consultant. He’s the CEO of NxtLevel Solutions and was formerly a pastor at LifeChurch. He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and children.

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Resources Mentioned

1. MinistryGrid.com (an easy way to virtually design a leadership pipeline to train your church leaders on their own time).

Takeaways From This Episode

1. Leadership development takes time.

Some people like to call it leadership development, some call it discipleship. Either way, this isn’t done at the drop of a hat. Good leaders become great leaders when we take the time to find them. They’re often the people that are already doing a lot with their lives. They may not work in the way you think they should, but great leaders always find a way to get things done.

2. If you want to develop leaders, be bold.

Jesus saw more than Peter than Peter ever saw in himself. Leaders are called. Are there sleepers in your church who would be great leaders if you took the time to encourage them and gave them opportunities to lead? Are you discounting women who would be very capable leaders with the right training? Is your leadership table diverse? The right leaders are right in front of you.

Quotes From This Episode

• Genuine leadership development takes time. [Click to tweet]
• As church leaders, we need to learn to adapt ourselves to a constant culture of change. [Click to tweet]
• The best leaders are often recruited. [Click to tweet]
• Great leaders get stuff done. [Click to tweet]
• Just start the process of leadership development. It doesn’t have to be perfect. [Click to tweet]

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