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In this episode, we partake in an exciting shift from the normal as we hear from Ministry Hangout personality and Lead Pastor of Freedom Church, Shawn Wood. Shawn is a church planter, author, and visionary. With his simple hope to build a church where people could experience freedom in Christ, Freedom Church has grown to serve nearly 1,500 people weekly. Shawn has a passion for insanely practical leadership and in this episode, we glean from his personal failures and most importantly, successes from his 2011 church plant.

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Resources Mentioned

  1. Book: Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom by Derek J. Morphew
  2. Book: The Key to Everything by Matt Keller

Insights From This Episode

1. God uses different types of people in leadership.

Every leader possesses a unique variety of skills and personality traits – and God is able to use all of them for His glory in church leadership. Don’t let comparison tell you that there is only one type of personality that makes a successful leader. Instead, trust God to surround you with peers and mentors to challenge you and come alongside of you in your growth and development.

2. Being spiritually healthy is non-negotiable.

For anyone in ministry work, there is a natural cadence of “wear and tear” on our minds, bodies, and souls. This is especially true of spiritual leaders. Prioritizing your spiritual health by creating and protecting margins for the things you need to thrive in your role is vital to the success of your leadership. Healthy leaders = healthy ministry.

3. Patience is key.

One of the top mistakes a Church Plant can make is jumping the gun on processes that need time to marinate. When the temptation is there to rush a hiring process or push the needle on that one project, fight for stillness before the Lord to gain confidence in where He is leading you and your staff.

Quotes From This Episode

  • “It’s not about numbers. Love people, love their stories.”
  • “Leaders can only give what they have.”
  • “God uses different types of people. There is no perfect model for a senior leader. The key is being teachable.”

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